Based on the original "Tales from the Fur Side" (from the non-sensical workings of the brain seemingly present inside my cousin, Pia Mason's head) comes "Fur Side, Eh!" the Canadian edition. Starring: Benny, Tc and all the forest creatures who love to piss them off.

A bit on Benny and Tc:

Benny - now a 4 yr old, 13 lb. Pixiebob, originally hailed from Gananoque, Ontario. Benny worked as a show cat for 1 yr prior to moving to Mississauga, hence his impossibly pompous persona. He prefers not to be touched. If he were to choose his favourite song, it would be Bette Midler's "From A Distance". He could easily be compared to a grumbling old man as he grumbles and complains about everything, all the time. He sits like Jaba the Hut on the top stair, where he can look down at all his unworthy subjects. He also loves getting his teeth and fur brushed, as this reminds him of his show days.

Tc - now a 4 yr old, still an 8 lb. Abyssinian, originally from Petmart. He has an extremely loving personality, as he loves everybody and anybody who walks into the house, and is sometimes even refered to as the "cat whore"... (hence Benny keeps his distance and grumbles, complaining about it often). However TC's people loving trait surely makes up for his eye fungus, excessive drooling and getting his abnormally long tail in the way of everything: food, the tv, my face as he sits on my shoulder as I work on my laptop. He also loves crotch rubs, dog treats and any crumbs left on the kitchen floor. Did I mention he's a cat?